Research Project

Sustainable Utilization of Cowpea Genetic Resources for Enhanced Food Security and Poverty Alleviation in the Dry Savannah Northern Regions of Ghana

Project Manager: Dr. Aaron T. Asare

Duration of Project: 3 years (April 2016-2019)

Email Address:
Telephone: +233 244 954 045

Sponsors: International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), University of Cape Coast (UCC)

Executive Summary:

Cowpea is the cheapest source of protein for every one in both rural and urban communities in Ghana. However, the influence of the parasitic weed, Striga gesnerioides, drought and low soil fertility continue to be a challenge to sustainable production of cowpea in the dry savannah northern regions, which constitute about 60 % production area of the crop in Ghana. Yield loss in cowpea due to Striga infestation alone ranges from 83-100%, resulting in poverty, hunger and malnutrition, which affect 15 million resource poor farmers and children in Ghana. Available local and exotic genetic resources of cowpea can be harnessed through rigorous breeding, genetic analysis and evaluation to combat the effects of the... Read more